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Between the holiday season and Valentine’s Day, engagements are in full effect. With the excitement comes the planning, and there will be a few fun celebrations to coordinate before the big day! From the engagement party to the bridal shower, to the rehearsal dinner, finding the right space that speaks to who you are as a couple while setting your event apart is important.

Although you probably won’t have a firm guest list together, it is a good idea to have a rough guest count, that way you’ll be able to decide whether you need a larger or smaller size wedding venue.

The next decision and there are many, is the type of affair do you want. Whether it’s your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or wedding, what are you looking to create? If you want something timeless and elegant, rustic, shabby chic is a popular choice. The rustic theme has a slightly worn, home-made feel and exudes effortless style.

If you’re considering a rustic theme for your wedding or any one of the many celebrations that come along with your engagement, these few simple ideas will help you get started planning your event. The rustic theme is sure to look great at your venue of choice. Whether that's somewhere like Brookwood Camp or our The Stone House at Clove Lakes, this theme can work at any location.


Depending on the time of year you’re getting married, consider wedding sites with outdoor grounds. You wouldn't want the wrong wedding site to mess up that beautiful dress you bought from somewhere like WINNIE COUTURE, so choosing the right wedding venue and site might be a good idea. The possibilities are endless when you find a location that will allow such options as an outdoor ceremony, a gazebo, for not only exchanging vows but also for those romantic wedding shots you know you’re a photographer’s going to be aiming for. Once a boathouse in the 20th century, The Stone House at Clove Lakes in Staten Island is nestled in the heart of Clove Lakes Park and offers impressive grounds that can be transformed to fit your vision. We even offer a rustic wedding menu as one of their package choices.

If utilizing outdoor grounds doesn’t fit into your plans, our sister location, Violette’s Cellar also located in Staten Island, offers up a rustic interior décor, where you can recreate that outdoor feel right inside. From their vintage-inspired feel to the warm lighting, wood décor, and reclaimed furnishings from the original structure built in the 1930s, the possibilities on the space are endless.

Color Palette

When it comes to color opt for warm tones and build from there. The use of wood, whether it’s already in your location’s décor, or from the things you bring in, will blend nicely with pastels and earthy tones. Try and stay away from the bolder hues as it’s all about that soft look. Another great way to infuse color is through your flowers, which includes both your bouquet and any other floral arrangements you choose to decorate with.


One of the great things about a rustic look is the endless personal touches you can include. From wood signs like an arrow directing your guests to a specific location, to the use of a chalkboard to include fun sentiments of love, the ideas to create a personalized touch are endless.

Stationary - Invitations/Response Cards/Wedding Programs

Whether you choose to order these from a vendor or make them part of your DIY, there is no limit to the creativity you can achieve. Focus on earth tones and infuse the colors you plan on bringing into your wedding. If it’s the engagement party, bridal shower, or even rehearsal dinner that you’re planning right now, bring a hint of the colors you plan to showcase at your wedding to give your guests an idea of what’s to come without revealing too much. When it comes to the types of materials available to achieve that rustic look, burlap, twine, vellum, manila tags, and embellishments (ribbon, beads, buttons, lace, fabric) are just some of what’s available for creating these unique pieces that set the tone for your big day.

And remember, think outside the box; anything goes, it’s your day. Plus, you can even create these DIY ideas at home but pick and choose a select few and leave the rest up to the vendors of your choice. When you’re in the thick of wedding planning you’ll be thankful you did.