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The Couple

When does the last kiss feel like the first, and the first feels like it was only just yesterday? Happy Saturday @CouplesCookbookFam!


House Made Burrata - Rosemary Honey Balsamic Drizzle, Garlic Crostini, Basil Oil

Lamb Meatballs - Almonds, Golden Raisins, Herbed Yogurt, Tomato Jam

Seared Yellowfin Tuna - Avocado, Citrus-Ginger Marmalade, Cilantro

Crispy Wings - Garlic Soy Caramel Sauce


"Running one restaurant is an extreme challenge by itself, but running multiple restaurants at the same time causes those challenges to intensify exponentially. At the root of these challenges is maintaining consistently a high standard of food and hospitality. This is key to longevity and success. One way we address the aforementioned challenge is to train our kitchen staff on how to prepare our dishes, right after I've developed the new dish. Even if it's not a dish typically prepared from that person's station. To further aid our team, we created a recipe book with pictures and a description for each and every menu item. Some members of our team suggested that we should consider releasing this book as a recipe book. Some of them said it was so detailed and well-written that other people should be able to have a copy. It's something that we've not thought about before, but after one of our team members suggested looking for some self-publishing companies, we've been thinking about it. We never thought about self-publishing a cookbook, so we'll do some research and see what happens. Maybe it would be a hit, some of our recipes are pretty good! One of the things I value most is creative freedom amongst our team. An environment that is conducive to creativity will ultimately be an incubator for unique and exciting dishes as well as elevated service ideas. How to do this? In one word - LOVE !! Some people rule by fear, some people rule by respect, but when you truly love your team, they love you back! Love is the greatest driver for someone to do the right thing and take pride in their work.
I want people to experience, a dining experience that marries the warmth of a cozy stone cottage with gourmet contemporary American cuisine and impeccable service. I live for creating dishes that are innovative and unique. There is nothing more satisfying for me than presenting food in a way that someone has never tried before and watch them discover its deliciousness." ~ Peter (Chef & Owner @thestonehouseatclovelakes)