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By Lisa Voyticki

It sits on one of the borough's most tranquil landscapes.

The Stone House at Clove Lakes Park attracts customers looking for a peaceful meal on the water.

"We have a beautiful venue and I feel like it would be a sin not to use it to its fullest potential," said Peter Botros, our Staten Islander of the Week.

For restaurant owner Peter Botros, that means welcoming nonprofits from across the borough.

"It's a mid-week day and we're able to fill it with 300 people to support a local charity," he said.

Botros isn't just committed to serving his customers, he's also dedicated to supporting those in need.

On Thursday, the restauranteur hosted a Country Brew and Barbecue fundraiser for Michael's Cause.

The nonprofit is dedicated to funding medical research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Botros provided his lakeside venue to the group free of charge.

"It's incredibly important as a business owner on Staten Island to support the local charities," said Botros.

Michael's Cause founder Robert Capolongo says Botros's contributions are invaluable.

"What Peter did here today we know that we have people on our side," he said.

In just under three years, Botros has raised more than $30 thousand for local charities.

When he opens up his new restaurant Violette's Cellar this fall, he's pledged to donate a portion of his sales to Staten Island University Hospital.

He says it's all part of his mission to leave a lasting mark on his community.

"To be able to better somebody's life or to be able to raise awareness for any of these great charities," he said.

And so, for making it his business to serve neighbors in need, Peter Botros is our Staten Islander of the Week.